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May 15, 2016

Skövde Engagement // Sanna & Niclas

It was on a cool rainy day that I first met Sanna & Niclas for their pre-wedding engagement session near St:Lukas church in the Billingen area of Skövde. In my line of work I get to meet all kinds of people and you quickly get a use to noticing all the wonderful character traits that everyone has. One thing was obvious for me when I met these two is that they are madly in LOVE! Not ever the rain could dampen their warmth and radiant glow. Here’s a few snaps from their session. Keep your eyes on the blog for their wedding day photos which will be coming up soon 🙂

sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-1 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-2 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-4 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-5 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-6 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-7 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-9 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-10
sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-3 sanna-niclas-engagement-skovde-8

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