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August 8, 2016

Brevik, Karlsborg Engagement // Helena & Andreas

Helena & Andreas are easily two of the most relaxed and easy going couples I’ve met recently. And boy did they choose an amazing place for their upcoming wedding. Hidden along the coast of Sweden’s second largest lake the community of Brevik quickly became one of my favourite spots to hang out. Open fields, sandy beach, Swedish forests, rainbow in the sky and a couple madly in love… what more can you ask for?! Photos you say? You got it… have a look at some of the highlights from our time together!

helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-01 helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-02 helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-03

[easy-image-collage id=3919] helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-14helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-15helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-20 helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-19helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-22helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-28

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helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-36 helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-37helena-andreas-engagement-lake-sea-ocean-destination-24

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